Big Brother 2016 TWIST! Shock as nominations are played back to the house

Big Brother 2016

Big Brother may be nearing the final but it's set to be far from a calm last week for the housemates.

Earlier today the group nominated one at a time in the privacy of the Diary Room, giving Big Brother the names of the two people they wanted to see out of the house along with the reasons, as usual.

"These are your final nominations," Big Brother told the group before they began to vote.

Day 41 Jackson.

However when it came to the results, Big Brother revealed more than just who was up for eviction as the nominations were played back in full.

In a teaser clip, Laura says in one of her nominations: "Throughout this process, he's considered me an easy target. I think he's using me as an easy target as he's not closer to me than anyone else and it's make me feel quite hurt."

Evelyn said: "Throughout the week I think people have seen his true colours and his personality has completely changed, not only towards me and other housemates... He's a bit snappy and I think he wants to leave the house."

Andy said: "There have been a few times I've been frustrated that she's not been as considerate to me and other housemates as I hoped."

Jayne said: "I still can't quite figure him out and I also think that somebody says that he doesn't like to rock the boat or speak up, I'm not sure that's really part of his personalty."

Hughie said: "I think he's the only fair person to pick, I can't justify picking someone over him. We've had issues in the past."

Alex said: "I'm not as close to her as I am to others. She doesn't appreciate the opportunity she had."

Jason said: "He's the only person I don't have any connection with."

While there were a few shocked faces around the room, most of the group seemed to shrug off the twist.

Day 37 Andy.

"I couldn't give a s**t what anyone says, they can say what they like, I don't give a f**k," Hughie said.

Exactly who faces the final eviction on Friday night and who nominated who will be revealed in full tomorrow on Channel 5.

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