Big Brother 2016: Jackson Blyton fears he'll be evicted next

Big Brother 2016

Jackson Blyton has a tough time in the house on tonight's Big Brother 2016 highlights.

It begins with an apparent clash with Jayne as, in the smoking area, Jackson questions her on why she needs to know Jason’s reasons for evicting Ryan.

Afterwards, Jackson believes that Jayne is ignoring him although Sam tells him he hasn’t noticed anything.

Later on, Big Brother gathers housemates on the sofas for a task. Andy has become a news reporter, he will be reporting on news headlines about the housemates, and on news from the outside world

As part of the task, Andy interviews Jackson with questions from viewers who grill him on his 'fake tears'. Jackson tells Andy he is an ‘emotional’ person and that his ‘tears are not doing good for his street cred’

After the task, Jackson is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about being emotional; “I’m trying to be as honest as I can. I ain’t proud to say that I’ve cried on telly in front of people…Its hard in here.”

As the day goes on, Jackson still believes that Jayne ‘has been funny’ with him all day.

In the kitchen, Jackson eventully asks if Jayne has been distant with him but she disagrees, ‘not at all’

Finally, in the diary room, Jackson reveals he wouldn’t be surprised if he’s next up for eviction; “I’m nervous and scared…”

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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