Big Brother 2016: Evicted Lateysha Grace delivers some 'home truths' to the house

Big Brother 2016

Lateysha Grace made a reappearance in the Big Brother house this evening as part of a new task.

As the end of the series draws ear, the housemates haven been taking part in a mock news programme called 'BB News'.

After being shocked with some headlines from the outside world, BB News featured an exclusive interview with evicted Lateysha from the Bit On The Side studio where she accused Jason Burrill and Andy West of being game players.

Responding to Lateysha's comments, Jason said: "I'm playing a game I didn't quite understand when I first walked in anyway.

"I can understand why Lateysha's upset, I take full responsibility for that, I've explained my reasons quite clearly. If Lateysha and the people on Bit On The Side believe that I'm a game player, that's down to them."

Andy commented: "I would say that if people want to think I'm a game player they can, I haven't been able to play a game because I haven't known what the game is.

"From the start I came in here just wanting to be myself and stick to my principles. I take issue with the idea I don't care about anyone, I do have friendships in the house, that bit I would disagree with."

Elsewhere in the task, Jackson found himself grilled by BB viewers as he was 'interviewed' with questions from fans including one accusing him of 'fake crying' for sympathy.

Task highlights will air in Monday night's show from 10PM on Channel 5.

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