Big Brother shocks housemates with newspaper headlines from the outside world

Big Brother 2016

Big Brother has shocked the housemates with some newspaper headlines from the outside world.

For a new task, Big brother has appointed former BBC newsreader Andy West as host of 'BB News'.

He'll be reporting the latest happenings from both inside and outside the house, including newspaper headlines plus interviews with current AND ex housemates

In one part of the task, Andy read out news of ejected Emma Jensen's rumoured split from boyfriend Josh, after she went on a night out with fellow former housemate Marco Pierre White Jr.

Andy then crossed live over to Laura Carter for the reaction.

"I think Marco would have given her a very good time," Laura giggled, thinking the headlines had been made up.

However Big Brother then told the housemates that the headlines were real leaving shocked housemates speechless.

Laura spluttered: "Oh my God, What the f**k?! Marco, you little s**t... I can't actually... I am... really shocked.

"I'm not shocked with Marco but I am shocked with Emma. "

Later on in the task, the remaining Big Brother housemates will be grilled with questions from viewers.

From break outs to romance, rows and alliances, it's all gone off on this year's show.

And that's before we get to the dramatic events of the past seven days in Annihilation week, which saw some tough and controversial choices involving cash and evictions.

You can put your questions to the housemates on Twitter using the hashtag #BBTask or post them on the official Big Brother Facebook page.

But that's not all as in another twist, Andy will be joined by some special guests on his news programme.

"Andy, you will be joined by an ex-housemate who will reveal all about your fellow housemates..." Big Brother teased to him this evening.

BBUK continues nightly on Channel 5 with highlights from this task airing Monday evening from 9PM.

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