Big Brother 2016: Jason Burrill has regrets about evicting Ryan Ruckledge

Big Brother 2016

Jason Burrill seems to have regrets about evicting Ryan Ruckledge in tonight's Big Brother 2016 highlights.

Jason was one of four housemates to evict Ryan in Friday night's live show and the reasons he gave have seen him become an enemy in the house.

In tonight's show, Hughie complains: “Jason 100 per cent bought out his true colours. I really don’t like him.”

Jayne and Sam also taken aim at Jason’s comments about Ryan during the previous night’s live eviction.

Sam says: “Why publically humiliate someone?”

Jayne replies: “It was like, he let it out when he knew…”

Sam concludes: “…that the whole nation was watching, live.”

Later on, Andy and Jason are in the garden and Jason asks Andy how Hughie is feeling today.

Jason says: “I actually feel genuinely s**t about myself now.”

Andy reassures: “Hughie would have made up his own mind about it, it would be a waste of your time talking to him about it, it will all be forgotten two weeks after leaving here.”

Jason then heads to the Diary Room to talk to Big Brother. He seems upset and questions his decision to evict Ryan.

Jason comments: “To have cheers last week to jeers this Friday…obviously I’ve done something wrong… it must be so obvious, I can’t work out what I’ve done wrong, and I should be able to.”

In the evening as the housemates enjoy a party, Jason isn't seen getting involved as much as the others.

He says: “If everyone’s happy, I’m happy, when people are down I bounce off it. I’ve walked out of something, straight into something else, it’s been a bit tough.”

Big Brother 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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