Big Brother 2016: Ryan Ruckledge is absolutely RAGING at Jason Burrill

Big Brother 2016

Evicted Big Brother housemate Ryan Ruckledge is still absolutely raging at Jason Burrill.

Jason was one of four housemates who evicted Ryan last night after he, Laura and Sam fell into the bottom three of the public vote.

While it may have not all been down to Jason, Ryan's not letting that stop him from having a go.

Speaking to press after his eviction, Ryan ranted: "I just think [Jason] is a little worm, an absolute f**king worm and in fact, nobody will be paying you attention when you get out - in fact, I hope somebody pelts an egg at your head because you're shit and I don't like you.

"If I get a ticket to when he gets evicted, I'll be the one throwing the eggs."

He went on: "What a s**t guy. What a pony guy. In fact, who even let him on the show? I don't like him, he's a whopper. He's that much of a whopper he could be a manager at Burger King. What a goon."

Ryan then admitted he thought when Emma Willis announced Jason as safe it as a mistake

He said (via DS): "When Jason got called out as being saved and I didn't, I thought, 'Surely there's got to be a glitch in the phone line system. That's not normal.' Who's voting for him? Is Charlie voting for him or something?"

He continued: "I love Laura to bits but I thought that Laura would have gone. I genuinely feel robbed. I knew Sam would have got saved but I genuinely thought Laura would have gone."

Meanwhile, Ryan told haters to "suck a fart out of my a**e".

He declared defiantly: "People aspire to be lawyers, solicitors, nurses - I just aspired to be on Big Brother, and guess what, I got it.

"So if anybody doesn't like me, they can literally suck a fart out of my a**e with a straw. I'm not that bothered."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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