Big Brother 2016: Alex Cannon snaps at Hughie Maughan over spaghetti

hughie pasta

Alex Cannon snapped at Hughie Maughan in the Big Brother house last night in a clash over pasta.

The pair had a minor disagreement in the kitchen as the group drowned their post eviction sorrows with carbs.

But the sound of slurping spaghetti coming from Hughie's direction didn't please Alex, who told Hughie: "Eat with your mouth closed."

Hughie reacted: "Shut up, you're not my teacher."

As Hughie continued to eat noisily, Alex complained again: "Hughie, seriously mate you need to eat with your mouth closed or take smaller bites."

"Can you eat properly when your mouth is closed?" Hughie asked.

Alex revealed: "Of course, it's the etiquette way to eat, bad manners otherwise."

Hughie retorted: "It's actually eloquent I think is the word."

But Alex told him: "No, eloquent is to do with language, etiquette is to do with manners."

Maybe Alex could be Hughie's teacher after all?

BBUK continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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