Big Brother 2016: Laura Carter and Sam Giffen row after surviving eviction

Big Brother 2016

Laura Carter and Sam Giffen rowed in the Big Brother 2016 house tonight despite surviving the latest eviction.

It was Ryan Ruckledge who got the boot from Big Brother last night following one last annihilation twist.

Following a public vote to save involving all of the remaining housemates - except immune Andy - the three with the fewest votes faced the axe.

Ryan, Sam and Laura then had their fate decided by the rest of the housemates, with Andy, Evelyn, Jayne and Jason sending home Ryan.

In the aftermath, Sam and Laura came to blows as they discussed how the crowd had reacted to them.

After Laura claimed Sam had received boos from the audience, he seemed upset but insisted: "I'm fine, I'm absolutely fine."

Feeling he was annoyed at her, Laura told Sam: "I've just been absolutely chanted out of this house, Sam."

He replied: "Why are you having a go at me?! Just leave me, I'm fine, f**k me.

Laura went on: "We all had a lot of boos, what did you want me to say, sugar coat it? How is that my problem?

"It's how people f**king handle things in here. You had a few boos, how do you think I feel, Sam?"

Sam reacted: "What are you on about? Why are you shouting at me? Leave me alone, I'm walking away because you're obviously irate."

Laura continued: "You asked me if you got a lot of boos and I said yes..."

Sam snapped: "Just leave it Laura, shut up, f**k me!"

Are you happy with the tonight's Big Brother eviction results? Who did you want to go? Tell us in the comments below!

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5 with the LIVE final later this month.

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