Big Brother 2016: Jason Burrill wants to make the final but housemates want him OUT

Big Brother 2016

Jason Burrill admits he wants to make to the final in tonight's Big Brother as another eviction looms.

However the rest of the housemates are keen to get him OUT.

Jason's shock decision to evict Lateysha Grace during the week continues to have an impact on the house, with Jackson Blyton one of those reflecting on the controversial move.

Jackson tells some of the other housemates: "[Jason] knows the stats of Big Brother and done his research on the competition.

"He knows chefs go far , he knows cleaning and cooking and doing them things keeps people in. He didn't turn when it came to Cleo [his dog], he keeps out of arguments, he's the mediator, he's never spoke a bad word about Charlie, why?

"He's quiet, he wakes up first thing in the morning, it's all so calculated and precise. Now he's done Lateysha, saying she's the biggest competition."

Jackson concludes: "I feel like I've been played."

Laura Carter reveals: "I don't trust Jason as far as I can throw him. I genuinely don't trust him."

She goes on to tell Big Brother in the Diary Room that she wants Jason evicted next in the latest annihilation.

Meanwhile, unaware of the growing tensions, an oblivious Jason tells Big Brother in the Diary Room: “Everyone is being nice to each other!"

As for the eviction, Jason adds: If my times up, my times up. I’d like to be in the final few.”

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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