Big Brother 2016: Andy West unimpressed after toothpaste and shaving foam fight

Big Brother 2016

Andy West is left mighty unimpressed on tonight's Big Brother 2016 as the Rich and Poor divide continues.

First, Big Brother dishes out a punishment to all of the 'poor' housemates after last night's rule breaking by some of the group.

The poor housemates’ food is replaced with slop, and all poor housemates must wear sacks.

Some of the housemates complain about having to wear a sack while Andy is annoyed that he his been punished when he didn’t rule break

In the smoking area, Jayne apologies to Andy, he appreciates it as she announces that if anyone breaks the rules today, that is ‘taking the p*ss’

In the diary room, Andy goes to complain about his ‘selfish, rule breaking housemates’

Jayne and Andy then moan about having the same conservations in the house

Later, some of the housemates decide to spray lotion and shaving gel over Ryan whilst he’s in the toilet

On the sofas, Andy and Jayne are speculating about if their housemates have ever actually worked or want a job

Meanwhile, in the garden, some of the housemates continue spraying shaving gel and lotion over each other leaving Jayne and Andy not impressed

Once the pair are bed, fun continues as in the living area, Hughie and Ryan play with the zebra statue.

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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