Big Brother's Evelyn Ellis and Laura Carter REALLY can't believe they're still in the house

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Evelyn Ellis and Laura Carter can't believe that they're still inside the Big Brother 2016 house.

Having survived annihilation week - so far - the pair last night PRAYED to thank 'Big Brother God' for being blessed with avoiding eviction.

Evelyn mused: "Why the f**k are we still here. You out of all people, me out of all people, what the f**k?"

Laura agreed: "It's very surprising that I'm still here But I'm so grateful."

Looking at the faces of themselves and their fellow housemates past and present on the wall of the living area, Evelyn sighed: "Look at all the grey people, the bloody people who have passed in this house.

"Our faces are still coloured on the screen. I'm pleased."

After fawning over Alex's "cute" picture, Evelyn led a prayer with Laura: "Dear Big Brother God, I thank you for blessing us with positions as housemates."

"We are so grateful to be here in the fifth week," Laura added.

Evelyn continued: "What did we do to deserve this? We love you and respect you.

"We promise to be entertaining as **** and give you good ratings for good reality TV."

Laura, Evelyn and the rest of the housemates are currently unaware that they all (except immune Andy) face the next public vote.

The three with the fewest votes to stay in from the public will be at risk as the safe housemates pick which of them goes, LIVE tonight on Channel 5 from 9PM.

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