Big Brother update! Eviction twist revealed, poor punished, Jason causes fear

Big Brother 2016

Here's your Friday morning update with all the latest goings on from the Big Brother 2016 house.

- The rich and poor divide continued and Big Brother awoke the group wish a harsh punishment after some of the poor housemates stole food from the rich side the night before.

- Jayne apologised to Jason for eating some of the rich food and cried over the whole situation.

- The fallout from Jason's eviction of Lateysha rumbled on as he was branded a master game player by the other housemates.

- Also in the fallout from favourite to win Lateysha's exit, Hughie is the new top tip to triumph with the bookies.

- A horny Laura demanded snogs, and the guys obliged. Both Andy and Sam offered to "give her one".

- Ryan showed off his ball skills in a game of football with Alex

- Some of the housemates enjoyed an epic shaving foam fight in the bathroom, which quickly spilled out into the garden and the rest of the house.

- Jackson vowed to jump into the crowd on his eviction night to see Georgina rather than chat to host Emma Willis.

- Sam had some harsh words for Evelyn, suggesting her and Alex would go nowhere on the outside. She agreed, foreseeing any relationship between the pair being nothing more than "just a s**g".

- It's EVICTION night tonight but it won't be straight forward: Big Brother has one final annihilation twist planned and it'll involve Emma Willis entering the house.

- Big Brother airs LIVE tonight from 9PM with the latest highlights and live eviction twist.

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