Big Brother 2016: The poor are punished by an angry Big Brother

Big Brother 2016

Big Brother has punished the poor housemates after the group were split up in a new divide.

Yesterday, BB called each of the housemates to the Diary Room for a question: Rich or poor?

If they chose rich they would enjoy luxury food, treats and £5,000 from the prize fund whereas if they chose poor they get nothing, live on basic food, have no hot water and their bedding would be replaced with rags.

Hughie, Jason, Jayne, Ryan, Sam, Evelyn, Laura and Andy became the poor housemates while Alex and Jackson enjoyed a life of luxury.

But not for long.

Just hours into the divide, with basic rations annoying the poor housemates, Laura, Sam, Evelyn, Ryan and Hughie decided to tuck into the rich housemates’ food including popcorn, chocolate cheesecake and, er, gherkins.

Not everyone broke the rules and Andy went to the diary room where he let off steam about his fellow poor housemates who broke the restrictions and ate the luxury food

But in the smoking area, Laura declared that she was 'past caring'.

She added: "It can't get any worse than it already is."

"Challenge accepted," was seemingly Big Brother's response.

Today the poor housemates found their basic rations had gone and instead they'd be living off slop and nothing more.

In addition, they'd have to even give up their clothes and live wearing itchy sacks.

Furthermore, ALL the poor housemates were punished, regardless of whether or not they actually broke the rules.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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