Big Brother 2016 rows as housemates split into 'Rich' and 'Poor'

Big Brother 2016

A Big Brother classic returns to the house tonight as the housemates are split into 'Rich and Poor'.

On tonight’s show, Annihilation week continues, housemates must decide whether they want to live as rich or poor housemates.

Big Brother calls each of the housemates one-by-one to the diary room. Housemates must choose whether they want to be rich or poor

Day 37 Jackson.

If they choose rich they will enjoy luxury food, treats and £5,000 from the prize fund whereas if they choose poor they will not receive £5,000, live on basic food, have no hot water and their bedding will be replaced with rags

Ryan, Alex and Jackson are the only housemates who choose to be rich and move to the Rich Room while the poor housemates go to the poor area

However, in a twist, there are two chairs in the rich room, as Ryan and Alex were the first two housemates, they are sitting in the chairs as Jackson enters the room

As there are only two spaces, Big Brother asks Jackson to demote either Ryan or Alex to the poor area. Jackson decides to demote Ryan as he’s closer to Alex.

Ryan joins the poor housemates who comment that the rich housemates are ‘selfish’ and ‘unfair’.

Meanwhile, Alex and Jackson are now £5,000 richer. They will live the life of luxury in the house until further notice. Big Brother announces to the housemates that £10,000 has been taken off the winners prize fund, bringing it down to £70,000.

Hughie, Jason, Jayne, Ryan, Sam, Evelyn, Laura and Andy are now the poor housemates and will live on basic rations, no hot water and will sleep in rags

In the fallout, Hughie reminds Alex; “Last night you said you wouldn’t take money out of someone’s pocket…you’ve contradicted yourself!” Alex corrects him, and tells Hughie he said he would ‘not take £20,000’

Evelyn then tells Alex and Jackson that they have ‘both contradicted’ themselves as Andy reveals he is ‘surprised’ by Alex and Jackson

In the Diary Room, Evelyn continues: ‘Nothing wrong with taking the money. The thing that p*ssed me off is Alex and Jackson were going on about integrity last night and that they wouldn’t take the money…now £10k off the prize money!”

Afterwards, Jackson is upset in the Diary Room: “I didn’t think it was going to be like this…I should be buzzing…I’m going to be gone for that movement. No one will trust me!”

Later, with basic rations annoying the poor housemates, Laura, Sam, Evelyn, Ryan and Hughie decide to tuck into the rich housemates’ food

Day 37 Jackson.

Andy however sticks to the rules and goes to the diary room where he lets off steam about his fellow poor housemates who broke the rules and ate the luxury food

But in the smoking area, Laura declares that she ‘is past caring’.

Big Brother 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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