Big Brother 2016: Laura Carter wants to snog all the housemates

laura sam

A horny Laura Carter demanded snogs from her fellow Big Brother housemates yesterday.

Laura told the other housemates that she "really needed" a kiss and Andy West obliged to "give her one".

After that, Sam Giffen gave Emma a "proper snog".

"I really needed that," she said afterwards.

laura andy

But what will Bernardo think?!

Meanwhile, Evelyn and Alex shared a bed overnight but she received a warning from Laura, who wasn't quite buying his intentions.

Laura said: "It's weird that all of a sudden he's decided to act upon what he's wanted to do the whole time but he hasn't.

"I could be completely wrong, he might just feel now the time is right."

She went on to tell Evelyn: "I genuinely do believe, you and Al are literally perfect together and I really do believe you'll be together on the outside."

Day 37 Alex and Evelyn.

But Laura then warned: "All I'm saying is, just keep your wits about you."

Big Brother airs at 9PM tonight on Channel 5.

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