Big Brother 2016 spoilers! New prize fund twist REVEALED!

Big Brother 2016

Big Brother yesterday sprung a brand new prize fund twist on the housemates.

Less than 24 hours after Jason Burrill decided to steal £20k of the prize pot for himself - and evict Lateysha Grace in the process - a further £50k was up for grabs from the original £100k total.

And each of the remaining ten housemates had a chance to take a share.

One by one, each housemate was called to the privacy of the Diary Room and asked by Big Brother if they wanted to live 'rich' or 'poor'.

Living rich would see housemate take £5,000 of the prize fund for themselves and enjoy living like a king, with luxury food, drinks and treats.

If however they pick to live poor, they'd not only miss out on the cash but also live like a pauper in the house without even hot water or bedding.

To us it seems like an easy choice, but is everything as it seems? You never know with Big Brother!

On the face of it, the new twist could see the prize fund reduced to just £30,000, its lowest ever total.

It could also result in Jason walking out of the house with £25,000, not a bad amount even if he does end up leaving in the latest eviction on Friday.

As for which housemates chose to take the money, stay tuned...

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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