Big Brother 2016: Lateysha Grace worries she'll be evicted next

Big Brother 2016

It's Day 3 of Big Brother 2016's annihilation week on tonight's show and the housemates are worried.

So far this week, Chelsea has been evicted and Andy won immunity.

On tonight's show, the housemates are on edge as another twist is revealed.

Jackson tells Big Brother in the Diary Room: “The atmosphere in the house is funny, everyone is walking on eggshells. Jason is scared, you can tell, I think he genuinely wants to get to the end.”

Outside, Andy speculates with Jason about Annihilation week; “It’s been popularity contest! Popular people aren’t always the most deserving. Definitely more tricks up the sleeve...”

Later on, Lateysha talks to Big Brother in the Diary Room: “Every time one person goes, the group gets closer.

"I am worried; I don’t want to go. Its the most stressful thing I’ve been through, Annihilation week can do one!”

It's then time for housemates to face the next shocking round of Annihilation: Big Brother tells housemates that one of them can take £20,000 from the prize fund – but if they choose to do that they will have to evict another one of their housemates.

One housemate hits the button and decides which of the others to evict in a decision that causes "disgust".

The only safe housemate, Andy, tells Big Brother in the Diary Room after the task: “I think they’re angry that an ally and a friend has gone…they were furious…”

Big Brother airs at 10PM tonight on Channel 5.

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