Big Brother 2016: Lateysha Grace is EVICTED by Jason Burrill after shock money twist


Lateysha Grace has been evicted from the Big Brother 2016 house after a shock money twist on tonight's show.

She was given the boot by Jason Burril after a brand new annihilation task that rocked the house yesterday.

In scenes that played out on this evening's show, Big Brother called the remaining eleven housemates to the task room after asking them to get 'smartly' dressed.

Each housemate stood behind a podium with a buzzer on as a suitcase full of cash was placed in front of them all.

Inside the suitcase was £20,000 of the £100,000 prize fund.

Big Brother explained: "In front of you is £20,000 cash. This £20,000 has been taken from the winner's prize fund and will not be returned. Right now, Big Brother is giving one of you the chance to take this £20,000."

"Soon, the buttons in front of you will become active," Big Brother went on. "Whoever presses first will become £20,000 richer. They will be free to continue living in the house and can go on to become the Big Brother winner.

"However this prize carries a severe consequence.

"Whoever presses the button must also evict one other housemate. Whoever they chose will leave the house immediately.

Big Brother then told the group that a beep would sound, signalling the buttons becoming active.

Jason, Laura, Hughie and Jackson all pressed the button but it was Jason who got there first.

"It's not the money," he immediately reacted, before Big Brother told him he had to evict one housemate.

Big Brother told Jason he could not pick himself or immune Andy.

Jason insisted again he didn't hit the button for the money but for survival reasons.

He then chose to evict Lateysha, openly saying it was because he thought she was a favourite to win and had already had a chance on TV.

The reaction caused an immediate and MAJOR outrage in the house but Lateysha insisted she was "fine", despite some tears.

After 30 minutes packing her things, she left the BBUK house via the back door.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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