Big Brother 2016: Andy West and Hughie Maughan try to clear the air

Big Brother 2016

Andy West and Hughie Maughan have tried to clear the air in the Big Brother house.

Hughie called Andy to the pod in the house yesterday to try and sort out their turbulent relationship, following Andy winning IMMUNITY from the week's annihilation evictions.

But Hughie insisted that Andy's sudden position of power was nothing to do with the attempts to make amends.

"The reason I'm having this now is I want it over and done with, it's nothing to do with what's gone on this week because I'm not the type of person about changing," Hughie began.

He told Andy: "In the past day or two, I want to start again, I want to forget everything that happened before."

Hughie added: “I genuinely want to move on and we can try again. I’m happy you are getting immunity."

Andy replied: "I think if we have differences they are much smaller than our similarities.

"The important stuff we actually have in common and one of those things is we do make up our own minds about things and don't let people influence them. While it's been difficult between us, I would like to be your friend."

Hughie agreed: "I want to be too, every time something happened, that was before."

"If we can be mates and just draw a line I'd be really happy," Andy concluded, as the pair hugged it out.

Big Brother airs at 9PM on Channel 5.

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