Big Brother 2016: Chelsea Singh slams "unfair" eviction after getting the boot

Big Brother 2016

Annihilated Big Brother housemate Chelsea Singh has hit out at his "unfair" eviction on tonight's show.

It was Chelsea who was evicted from Big Brother 2016 tonight as the week's big annihilation twist got under way.

He was kicked out at the hands of his other housemates after Big Brother instructed the group to turn on one another to decide one person to be given the axe.

Chelsea was picked on and left the house via the back door before appearing on Bit On The Side tonight.

He told Ryan Clark-Neal: "If I'm honest, I came in for the experience, I didn't come in for the money or the fame. I thought 3, or 4 weeks, was the maximum [I'd stay].

"When Charlie went out I was devastated, I wanted to go out, I was hoping it was me."

However he added: "It wasn't fair because the ultimate judge is the public and they've had no say in that.

"Because you had a couple of votes from the people I didn't get on with, they lead like sheep. I know, and I can tell you now if I was up for eviction, Evelyn would have gone before me, Laura would have gone before me, and Jayne."

On Jayne, Chelsea branded her "delusional", claimed she had "lost the plot" and was "not the full ticket."

Chelsea went on to admit that his comments made over the weekend about 'losing his rag' could have worked against him.

"People felt threatened and I regret that, I don't condone violence at all... but there are a bunch of lunatics in that house," he said.

Chelsea claimed he didn't have any game plan, always took the back seat in the house and took the hit to protect others.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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