Big Brother 2016 housemates on edge as another eviction looms

Big Brother 2016

Annihilation week has left the Big Brother 2016 housemates on edge and we're only one day in.

Big Brother yesterday gathered the housemates on the sofa to deliver the a cruel twist, revealing that this week housemates numbers will be decimated.

Housemates started to speculate, ‘no ones safe’ while Lateysha and Laura likened Annihilation week to ‘The Hunger Games’.

Andy went to talk to Big Brother in the diary room; “The house is feeling pretty nervous. People are thinking something is going to happen…people have butterflies in their tummies. The pressures on!”

Housemates continued to speculate, and Jason commented; “We don’t know if it’s daily. All we do know is it’s against each other and not to do with the public.”

It wasn't long before one housemate was evicted, given just 30 minutes to pack their things and leave the house.

The group had to collectively pick which one of them should go and the brutal 'task' left those that survived the axe feeling the pressure.

Today in the house, with another annihilation looming, Jason confessed: "I don't mind annihilation if it's challenges and tasks or anything but in this way.

"I think I'm next on the chopping block. Statistically I am. I would like another week."

Andy admitted: "There are a couple of people here who I'd be annoyed to leave before."

Jason suggested: "The loudest and most flamboyant people who have accumulated the most friends are going to be the ones that stay."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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