Big Brother 2016 housemates compare annihilation week to 'The Hunger Games'

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It's start of Annihilation week in the Big Brother 2016 house tonight and housemates must decide as a group who they would like to evict.

Big Brother starts by gathering the housemates on the sofa to deliver a cruel twist, revealing that this week housemates numbers will be decimated.

Housemates start to speculate, ‘no ones safe’. Lateysha and Laura liken Annihilation week to ‘The Hunger Games’.

Andy goes to talk to Big Brother in the diary room; “The house is feeling pretty nervous. People are thinking something is going to happen…people have butterflies in their tummies. The pressures on!”

Housemates continue to speculate, and Jason comments; “We don’t know if it’s daily. All we do know is it’s against each other and not to do with the public.”

It's not long before one housemate is evicted, given just 30 minutes to pack their things and leave the house.

After the exit, Latesyha is in the diary room: “You can defo spot the weakest from the strongest in here. I’d love to be in the strongest bit I’m somewhere in between. It’s a big eye-opener, we’re here to play a game not make friends.”

Jason also goes to the diary room and tells Big Brother: "I’m feeling at risk, probably more than anyone else. I have to try and survive by luck and a prayer!”

Meanwhile, Andy complains: "Annihilation will change the atmosphere in the house, it will be become more false.”

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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