Big Brother 2016: Chelsea Singh NOT warned despite 'threatening' housemates

Big Brother 2016

Chelsea Singh will NOT receive a warning from Big Brother despite apparently 'threatening' his fellow housemates on tonight's show.

After the latest eviction, Jackson and Chelsea were in the garden, talking about Hughie and the other Housemates.

Chelsea commented: “…Noms are gonna be coming around soon… I’ve got some steam to let off soon…

"I hope I don’t get to that point, if I do, man an’ man gonna get beat up in here, cameras or no cameras, it’s street all the way!”

Jackson went on to tell Lateysha and Sam about Chelsea’s “cameras or no cameras” comment.

Jackson said: “I know he’s chatting s**t but you can’t say that in here.”

Later Jackson confronted Chelsea over the comments and revealed that some housemates were left intimidated by the remarks.

Perhaps surprisingly, a spokesperson for Channel 5 has told the Daily Mirror newspaper that Chelsea won't be reprimanded for Big Brother over the statements.

However Chelsea's not been let off by Big Brother completely.

Today in the house the group were gathered as Big Brother boomed in: "As you all know it is against the rules to discuss nominations to each other, this includes hinting or discussing who you may nominate or have nominated previously."

After reading back to the group Chelsea's latest nomination rule breaks, Big Brother delivered a new punishment.

"Chelsea, you have repeatedly speculated about nominations and this is yet another indiscretion and as a result you must go straight to the jail in the garden where you must remain until further notice."

Chelsea took the instructions on the chin and didn't seem to upset as he was put away behind bars.

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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