Big Brother 2016: Chelsea Singh sent to jail for chatting about nominations AGAIN

Big Brother 2016

Big Brother has sent Chelsea Singh to jail for chatting about nominations once more.

It's the second time in the past seven days that Chelsea's been punished, previously being part of the reason that the house was put on basic rations of rice and beans to live on.

Today in the house the group were gathered as Big Brother boomed in: "As you all know it is against the rules to discuss nominations to each other, this includes hinting or discussing who you may nominate or have nominated previously."

After reading back to the group Chelsea's latest nomination rule breaks, Big Brother delivered a new punishment.

"Chelsea, you have repeatedly speculated about nominations and this is yet another indiscretion and as a result you must go straight to the jail in the garden where you must remain until further notice."

Chelsea took the instructions on the chin and didn't seem to upset as he was put away behind bars.

Fortunately for Chelsea, his punishment didn't last too long as he soon had to be released for the first annihilation task of the series.

Big Brother surprised the group by telling them mysteriously that they had 20 minutes to get 'smartly' dressed before making their way to The Other Garden.

Big Brother 2016 airs at 9PM tomorrow night on Channel 5.

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