Big Brother 2016: Chelsea Singh shocks housemates with threat of violence

Big Brother 2016

Chelsea Singh threatens his fellow Big Brother 2016 housemates on tonight's show in a shock confession.

After the latest eviction, Jackson and Chelsea are in the garden, talking about Hughie and the other Housemates.

Chelsea comments: “…Noms are gonna be coming around soon… I’ve got some steam to let off soon…

"I hope I don’t get to that point, if I do, man an’ man gonna get beat up in here, cameras or no cameras, it’s street all the way!”

Jackson goes on to tell Lateysha and Sam about Chelsea’s “cameras or no cameras” comment.

Jackson says: “I know he’s chatting s**t but you can’t say that in here.”

Lateysha adds: “He doesn’t like the fact that no one’s intimidated by him.”

Meanwhile, later on, Jackson and Andy are in the garden, making predictions about what Big Brother has planned for the upcoming week.

Andy says: “How do you think 12 is gonna become 5 in two weeks?

Jackson responds: “I’m thinking they’ll have a massive final…I’m waiting for the face-to-face [nominations].”

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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