Big Brother 2016 housemates compete in 'Sports Day' task

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The Big Brother 2016 housemates took part in a 'twisted' sports day race in the house today.

The group were split into two teams: Jackson, Hughie, Ryan, Lateysha, Laura and Jayne on one and Alex, Evelyn, Chelsea, Andy, Jason and Sam on the other.

The two teams went head to head in various races including:

- Egg and Spoon: One at a time, the housemates in each team would have to complete a course carrying a spoon with disgusting food before eating the contents of the spoon at the end.

- Sack Race: Housemates would one at a time in each team complete the course while standing in sacks of horse manure.

- Wheelbarrow Race: Two housemates at a time in each team would complete the course, now covered in slime and guts, with one running on their feet and the other on their hands.

The overall winner of the task was Jason's team who were rewarded with a trophy.

The group also got to enjoy pizza, beer and the use of gym equipment (without fish guts and manure) in the garden.

The task highlights will air on Sunday night's show on Channel 5.

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