Big Brother 2016: Evelyn Ellis makes a move on Alex Cannon and it's SUPER awkward

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Evelyn Ellis made a move on Alex Cannon in the Big Brother 2016 house last night but it was just SUPER awkward.

Having enjoyed some 'refreshments' courtesy of Big Brother, Evelyn found herself being persuaded by Laura Carter to flirt with Alex having previously confessed her feelings for him.

"Just really flirt, put your legs over his, sit on his knee, have that kind of thing so you get closer... then I suggest spin the bottle," she advised.

After Evelyn did just that to no response from Alex, she moaned: "He clearly doesn't like me the same way I like him, I'm just making a t*t out of myself."

However Laura insisted: "He was loving life, he was loving it."

And with Chelsea Singh and Jason Burrill also encouraging Evelyn, she decided to push it further.

Awkwardly straddling Alex at the smoking area, Evelyn made her feelings VERY clear although Alex didn't seem to react at all.

She then told him: "The other day when you asked me what did they say in the Diary Room, I admitted I had a crush in you in the Diary Room which is why they called you in and asked you about me... just thought I'd slide that in."

"Okay," replied Alex. "Someone had already told me that anyway."

This is one showmance that is really not going ANYWHERE.

Watch the antics at 10PM tonight on Channel 5.

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