Has Big Brother lost his balls? 'Harsh' punishment lasts just HOURS

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Big Brother's harsh punishment after the housemates broke all the rules has lasted less than 24 hours.

Yesterday, Big Brother punished the Housemates for breaking numerous fundamental rules.

Rule breaks included Ryan escaping the house via a fire exit, Chelsea talking about nominations and Evelyn, Laura and Emma conspired regarding nominations.

As a result, Big Brother stripped the kitchen of food and Housemates had to survive on rice and beans until further notice. The hot water and electrical appliances were also switched off until further notice.

After the punishment, Jayne went to the Diary Room and lost her temper as she wanted a cup of tea, some bread and some jam.

Also left raging was Lateysha who has to hand back her chocolate digestives.

She told Big Brother: “These keep me sane. I want to keep my chocolate digestives, I can’t eat rice and beans every single day…

"I don’t even like water…there is eight left in there and I want eight when I have them back…I didn’t realise how unfair you are?”

Whether it was the complaints or not, Big Brother quickly caved in to the housemates.

Just hours after dishing out the punishment, Andy got the group dinner after passing a secret task and in the house today the housemates were given more food treats by Big Brother.

Where have Big Brother's balls gone? No wonder they don't even bother with the shopping tasks any more...

Big Brother airs from 9PM on Channel 5.

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