Big Brother 2016: Emma Jensen insists she WANTED to go after being kicked out

Big Brother 2016

Emma Jensen has claimed she wanted to leave the Big Brother 2016 house any way, following her exit at the hands of producers.

It was confirmed earlier today that Emma had been ejected from the BBUK house after breaking out again.

In scenes shown on tonight's show, Emma was seen rowing with Jackson Blyton before bursting out of the house.

She was then hauled into the Diary Room where Big Brother told her: "You have broken the fundamental rules on more than one occasion. You have broken out of the house again. As you seem to unable to live within the confines of the house, or follow the rules of the house, you have forfeited for you place as a housemate.

"Big brother has no choice but to remove you from the house."

However speaking this evening during a phone press conference after her exit, Emma claimed she wanted to get out anyway.

"They say they removed me from the house, but I definitely escaped with the intention of getting the hell out of that house," she told media. "When I escaped, I was so excited and thrilled at the thought of freedom that I did not want to go back to the house.

"And so I'm more than happy and so, so excited that I've actually been removed finally after 32 days."

Emma, who teased she had originally planned to escape with boyfriend Josh, had entered the series last month with twin sister Victoria who left in the first week after also escaping out of the house.

Emma had been up for eviction this week but following her exit, Chelsea Singh, Jason Burrill and Charlie Doherty will instead face the public vote without her.

BBUK continues nightly on Channel 5.

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