Big Brother 2016: More relationship drama for Charlie Doherty and Jason Burrill

Big Brother 2016

Charlie Doherty and Jason Burrill endured yet more relationship drama in the Big Brother house yesterday.

The pair both face eviction this week with Jason having nominated Charlie, although she didn't nominate him.

Yesterday, Jason confided in Alex that Charlie was beginning to frustrate him (again).

Saying he wanted to have a proper chat with Charlie to try and clear the air, Alex said: "we've had problems and we can't talk about it, it's awkward."

He revealed it was tough living with Charlie and not wanting to lead her on: "I tried again yesterday at being friendly but I don't want to give the false impression. damned if you do, damned if you don't."

Jason added: "It's caused a divide between me and her when we were fine before and it's caused a divide between people in the house which I didn't want it to do."

Meanwhile, Jayne gave Charlie some advice in the pod.

After the pair took off their microphones under the false illusion it'd make their chat inaudible, Jayne told Charlie: "I love you Charlie, I'm very close to you... you can take the advice or not, you're gravitating towards Jason again."

She added: "He's not a bad man [but] he wants to win, he doesn't want to have a relationship outside with you, Charlie. You know that. "

Jayne then warned Charlie that she was at risk of getting evicted if she didn't back away: "They'll get you out. It's ALWAYS the woman, Charlie.

"Be friendly but you're gravitating a bit too much."

Big Brother airs tonight from 9PM on Channel 5 with Charlie and Jason facing the axe alongside Chelsea.

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