Big Brother update! Nominations fallout, punishment drama and latest eviction!

Big Brother 2016

Here's your Friday morning update with all the latest news from Big Brother 2016 over the past 24 hours.

- Yesterday it was revealed that Chelsea, Charlie and Jason are facing eviction from the house and one will go tonight.

- In the morning, Emma was officially removed from the house following her exit out the fire escape (again) the night before.

- Following a recent number of rule breaks, including the TWO break out attempts, Big Brother delivered a harsh punishment by removing all food but rice and beans, disabling all electrical appliances and turning off the hot water.

- After the punishment was put into force, Lateysha raged over chocolate digestives as she lost her one luxury in the house.

- Big brother later told the group that Emma would NOT be returning to the house and had been kicked out after breaking through the fire exit - again.

- In an interview following her ejection from the show, Emma insisted she wanted to go anyway.

- There was YET more relationship drama between Charlie and Jason, but what else is new?

- The topic of nominations arose and it resulted in a row between Jason, Jayne and Lateysha in the garden.

- Andy was set a secret task to win treats for the house by sneaking made up facts into chats with his fellow housemates. 'Facts' included Henry VIII had no wives and Rome really was built in a day, thanks to inflatable bouncy castle houses.

- As for the eviction tonight, odds make it a close call between Chelsea and Charlie with Chelsea the current narrow favourite.

- Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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