Big Brother 2016: Lateysha Grace RAGES over chocolate digestives

Big Brother 2016

Lateysha Grace has been left raging after Big Brother delivered a major punishment to the house following a night of rule breaks.

Although the group got off lightly compared to Emma Jensen, who was EJECTED from the house by producers after a breakout.

This morning after everything had calmed down, Big Brother gathered the group on the sofas for an announcement.

Big Brother said: "Yesterday, several of the fundamental Big Brother rules were broken by several housemates. For continuing to disregard the rules of the Big Brother house, Big Brother has no choice but to punish all of you for the actions of some of you."

Big Brother continued: "The kitchen has been stripped of all the food received in your shopping delivery yesterday. Instead you will survive on the most basic rations, rice and beans. The hot water has been switched off and will remain off until further notice. The electrical appliances have been switched off and will remain off until further notice."

Of all the housemates, Lateysha was the most annoyed by the punishments, especially the food.

She ranted: "I'm not getting out of bed, I'm not eating chick peas all day, Big Brother can f**k off."

Lateysha then realised that she had hidden some chocolate digestives in the bedroom but despite the housemates' best efforts, they couldn't keep them out of Big Brother's sight.

"This is Big Brother," a voice boomed into the house, "Any food that is not part of basic rations must be returned to the store room immediately or there there will be severe consequences."

Lateysha was defiant: "You're not having my chocolate digestives.

"I'm not living off rice and beans. I live off chocolate digestives... f**k's sake. I won't eat the rice and beans, I'll live off chocolate digestives."

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