Big Brother 2016: Evelyn Ellis and Alex Cannon are OVER (before they even began)

Big Brother 2016

Any potential romance between Evelyn Ellis and Alex Cannon on Big Brother looks to be dead in the water.

On last night's show we saw the pair flirting with Evelyn revealing she 'liked' Alex while Jackson claimed that Alex liked her.

On tonight's show, Evelyn talks about fancying Alex in the garden, saying: “I made a f**king idiot of myself…no he’s staying away from me even more”

Laura advises: “Today go and sit with him...and then if you feel this is awkward then you know…the more you avoid him the more awkward it gets”

Lateysha and Emma also give Evelyn advice on Alex.

Lateysha claims: “You need to make things more known. He may be a little too shy””

Emma adds: “I think you need to be a bit more sexy…he clearly likes you”

Later, Alex confides in Emma that he thinks Evelyn is "gorgeous" but explains that he doesn’t intend to do anything while in the house

And when Lateysha asks Alex if he can see anything happening between him and Evelyn, he says no

Elsewhere tonight, Jason and Charlie's relationship woes continue.

Charlie tells Jayne: “In an ideal world Jayne, we’d be together, we’d have a house, we’d go on a massive holiday after here…I’d love to have his child really”

She replies: “I don’t think anything is going to happen in here”

Jason enters the room and Charlie tells him: “I was just saying how I was at the beginning…and everything…as far as things are concerned you are the best I’ve had”

He replies: “Maybe it was just bad timing”

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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