Big Brother 2016: Now Ryan Ruckledge ESCAPES the house!

Big Brother 2016

Ryan Ruckledge has become the latest housemate to break out of the Big Brother house.

In scenes to be shown tonight on Channel 5, Ryan bursts through a fire door over a lack of cigarettes.

Ryan says: “I can’t physically stay in the house if I don’t get them, and I’ve not been brought up to be a f**king scrounger”

Ryan then breaks out through the bedroom fire exit before later returning via the Diary Room.

He says: “I just wanted to leave cause I’ve got no fags…I didn’t bring enough but I’ve been smoking like a f**king chimney”

Ryan's exit isn't the only one tonight with Emma Jensen also making her escape.

However unlike Ryan, she does NOT return after Big Brother decide to eject her having broken out before.

A Channel 5 spokesperson said: “Emma has been removed from the Big Brother House for attempting to break out on more than one occasion.

"Emma was unable to live within the confines of the Big Brother House and abide by the rules and therefore forfeited her place as a Housemate."

They added: "Watch what happened tonight at 9pm on Channel 5 and Emma will also appear on tonight’s Big Brother’s Bit On The Side at 11pm.”

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