Big Brother 2016: Lateysha Grace and Jackson Blyton get messages from their children

There were tearful and dramatic scenes in the Big Brother house tonight as Lateysha Grace and Jackson Blyton got messages from the kids.

As part of the ongoing shopping task, housemates are being tempted with all sorts of rewards and prizes which they must resist in order to pass the challenge.

Big Brother's offers to the group have ranged from fry ups to family members and last night's show saw a trio of lovers join the house.

This evening's episode saw tensions rise as Lateysha and Jackson missed out on any of Big Brother's offers but today in the house they finally got their chance.

Big Brother told the pair: "Just behind you are comfy, cosy chairs and a plasma screen with two very special messages of two beautiful babies and two amazing parents."

As always, accepting Big Brother's offer would cost the group points, possibly failing the task and meaning no other offers could be accepted.

While Lateysha immediately hit the button, Jackson refused as he previously said he would do.

Despite encouragement to turn, Jackson confidently declared: "I ain't turning it will kill me, kill me more.

"I'm not doing, I ain't going."

With Lateysha in tears begging him to spin and watch the messages with her, Jackson said: "Other people aren't going to get a shot."

However he did eventually press the button to join Lateysha in watching the video messages from home.

Earlier this evening saw Alex take up Big Brother's offer of the "fitness fanatic's dream" as he was tempted with time on gym equipment, with his very own personal trainer, friend Grace.

She told him that 'viewers are loving you' and insisted to Alex that he was not coming across as boring.

Meanwhile Evelyn got a phone call from home.

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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