Big Brother 2016: Jackson Blyton is FUMING with Emma Jensen

Big Brother 2016

Jackson Blyton is still FUMING with Emma Jensen following Big Brother's latest task twist.

This week has seen a brand new shopping challenge where the housemates have been tempted with prizes but at the expense of so-called loyalty points.

If housemates run out of points they won't be able to take up any rewards and will fail the task

On Sunday, Hughie, Emma, Laura and Andy choice to enjoy time with their loved ones while yesterday Sam and Ryan also got visitors.

Lateysha was left upset when she was offered clothes rather than time with her daughter or boyfriend. She along with Chelsea, Evelyn, Jayne, Jason, Alex and Jackson have yet to turn around for any of Big Brother's rewards.

And tensions between the housemates got worse yesterday when Emma decided to sacrifice more of the task points to get her boyfriend Josh along with Laura's lover Bernardo and Andy's boyfriend Ed back for ANOTHER night, this time in the main house.

The trio joined the group but it caused ANGER with some housemates who have yet to see anyone.

In tonight's show, Jackson was seen FUMING at Emma's choice, crying and kicking out before being called to the Diary Room by Big brother to clam down.

Today in the house and tension between the pair continued as Jackson was called to the Other Garden to be made an offer of his own.

With loyalty points running low and the shopping task at risk he vowed not to turn around, saying it was selfish.

Emma replied: "I think you're being a bit over the top. You should turn round for your loved ones if they're there."

Jackson replied: "I think I'm expressing the opinions of everyone," seemingly taking a dig at Emma, he added: "Selfish actions have caused this, has it not?"

Emma replied: "I'm sorry, I was selfish, I'm sorry I had to turn around. I had no choice... I'm really sorry about that."

Jackson then sniped: "I was raised different."

Emma snapped: "Are you trying to say I was raised badly?"

Jackson insisted he was not trying to attack Emma but added: "There is no way I could push that button knowing other people are suffering for my happiness."

Emma then accused Jackson of 'coming up in her face', prompting him to brand her "ridiculous" before leaving for The Other House.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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