Big Brother 2016: Ed, Bernardo and Josh join the main house, causing ANGER

Big Brother 2016

The boyfriends of Big Brother 2016 housemates Laura Carter, Emma Jensen and Andy Carter join the main house tonight.

But some of the other housemates are NOT impressed.

In last night's show we saw the start of the latest shopping task as Big Brother tests housemates’ loyalty and willpower with temptations.

Last night, Laura, Emma and Andy got to spend time with their significant others in the Other House.

Day 27 Andy.

After an emotional goodbye, Andy, Emma and Laura return to the main house, greeted with hugs from their housemates.

As the task continues, Charlie, Jackson, Chelsea and Jason are faced with the option of choosing whether or not Ed (Andy’s fiancée), Bernardo (Laura’s love) and Josh (Emma’s boyfriend) should spend the night with their loves in the main Big Brother house. The four housemates decide not to turn around as they already spent time with them in the other house

The four housemates gather their housemates to reveal the decision they were faced with. Jason explains; “You’ve had that experience yesterday, others haven’t had that experience.”

Housemates seem to understand why they made that decision, however Emma gets upset and heads to the storeroom. Jason comforts her, and she tells him she’s ‘gutted’ however understands

Andy is in the diary room; “I understand and agree with their decision. There is tension. People are angry that they haven’t seen their loved ones.”

The task continues, Laura, Andy and Emma are offered the chance for their loves to spend the night in the main Big Brother house.

Emma immediately presses her pod button and turns around as Hughie comments; “Emma you should have talked about it! You shouldn’t have pressed it.” The couples are reunited

Some of the housemates are annoyed that their loyalty points are decreasing

Ed, Josh and Bernardo enter the main house leaving some of the housemates shocked, while an upset Jackson is called to the diary room.

Big Brother 2016 continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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