Summer Celerity Big Brother 2016 to last for SEVEN weeks?!

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There are rumours that the new series of Celebrity Big Brother could last for a total of seven weeks.

The longest ever CBB series has been tipped to happen after Channel 5 revealed that this summer's Big Brother run would be the shortest yet.

Back on Friday, Channel 5 confirmed to us that the current series of Big Brother would be over before the month ends, making it 50 or so days long compared to the 90 day run times of some past years.

The news has prompted speculation that the upcoming Celebrity Big Brother run could be longer to plug the gap.

Channel 5 said simply that more details about CBB would be made available "in due course".

Celebrity Big Brother has been running for increasingly longer times on Channel 5 with last January's series the longest yet at 32 days, up on the previous record set by 2015's January show.

With ratings for CBB usually higher than BB you can see why Channel 5 might be tempted to have a longer Celebrity series.

However the issue with making it longer is decreasing just what sort of 'celebrities' can sign up.

Already the Celebrity Big Brother line ups are criticised for being full of Z-listers, but just how many real stars can give up seven weeks of their time?

Meanwhile, there's a question of just when Celebrity Big Brother will start on TV.

Originally we had expected Big Brother to run into August with Celebrity Big Brother starting just a few days later.

With BB now cut short, it's unclear if CBB's start date will move forward or stick to its original August launch.

For now, stick with us for all the latest as we get it!

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