Big Brother just isn't Big Brother any more with contact from the outside world

Big Brother 2016

Big Brother's latest twist seems to have gone completely against the show's original concept.

This weekend has seen Big Brother add family members, friends and partners to the house, ruining Big Brother's core rule of no contact with the outside world.

While the show has undoubtedly and unfortunately relaxed its rule on outside contact in recent years, the latest task has gone way beyond anything we've seen before.

Last Friday night gave us one reason why keeping the outside world out works: The dramatic and captivating reaction to Georgina's eviction would simply not have happened if the housemates knew how they were being perceived and who was likely to go.

Day 27 Andy and Ed.

Monday night's episode showed just WHY the latest twist was a bad idea as Hughie met up with his mum who told him just how he was doing and what had been shown.

The result? Hughie returned to the house and immediately changed what he was doing, cooling off his relationship with Ryan. Suddenly this reality show becomes artificial.

In scenes set to air tonight, Sam meets his mum who tells him to give more sass and reveals just how housemates are being perceived on the outside world.

Then there are the boyfriends, with three housemates getting to enjoy some personal time with their partners.

Not only is there again the feeding of information from the outside, there is the substantial advantage such a emotional reunion gives the housemates ahead of everyone else.

While Andy, Laura and Emma got to spend time with their loved ones, poor Evelyn was left standing alone in the garden awkwardly.

She was later made an offer by Big Brother of a nice eviction outfit (not in her size), which doesn't quite compare.

Also missing out so far has been Lateysha who was desperate for a visitor but instead was also offered clothes.

Day 27 Evelyn.

There is of course one more day of the task left so those who have missed out may still get the chance of someone to spin for, but that just means even MORE contact with the outside world.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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