Big Brother 2016: Laura Carter has a sexy reunion with her ex-boyfriend

Big Brother 2016

Laura Carter couldn't wait for her reunion with ex boyfriend Bernardo in the house yesterday.

While coming face to face with a former flame in the BB house may seem like hell, it turned out to be a blessing for Laura.

She and Bernardo had an amicable split and it seems ass though both wanted to get back with one another.

He joined the house yesterday as part of a new task with Big Brother giving him and Laura the chance to spend the night away from the rest of the housemates in the second house.

Getting ready for her evening back in the main house, Laura said to herself: "I can't actually believe what's happening right now."

Choosing to dress in a tight catsuit to impress, she continued: "I'm going to go shave my ****.

"Obviously I'm not going to do anything but I mean..."

Laura went on, chatting to herself: "He's probably thinking 'What the hell?'

"Come on Laura, get your s**t together, seriously... I don't even know what I'm f**king doing. I don't even know what I'm doing myself.

"As if he's actually here. Come on Laura, get your f**king act together."

She later declared to the other housemates before leaving for the night: "This is the guy I'm going to have babies with.

"He's flown from Mexico... He's so fit and what the hell am I even doing?!"

Bernardo and Laura's reunion will feature in the latest highlights in Big Brother tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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