Big Brother 2016: Georgina Leigh Cantwell hits out at editing after her eviction

Big Brother 2016

Big Brother's Georgina Leigh Cantwell has hit out at the show's editing following last night's show.

Georgina was given the boot from the series in Friday evening's eviction and last night caught up on the latest goings on in the house.

Watching back highlights of her final day in the house, Georgina wasn't too impressed if what she saw.

Scenes included her and Jackson Blyton rowing over his ex and their son, but she says that viewers didn't get the full picture.

Taking to Twitter, Georgina fumed: "Look, I have never ever once said a bad word about his son. If only editing didn't cut the last part of the conversation off!!!!!"

She later hit back at those sending negative messages: "To all Twitter trolls - you see 7% of my day with Jackson, on top of eviction stress & editing."

Georgina then added: "Don't let the haters live in your head rent free."

While she may be out of the house, Georgina remains a core topic of conversation in tonight's show.

Evelyn admits her glee over Georgina's eviction while Andy has some advice for Jackson.

He tells BB in the Diary Room: “Its nice not to have a constant whine in the background. The person who deserves you Jacko, is the person who loves you for you. Georgina wants him to be someone else, that’s not love. I’d be surprised there’s not a part of him that’s relieved she’s gone.”

Afterwards, Andy tells Jackson: “I’m being honest, I don’t think Georgina is absolutely perfect for you but that is none of my business.”

Big Brother continues at 9PM tonight on Channel 5.

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