Big Brother 2016: Jason Burrill's dog joins the house...

bbuk dog jason

Big Brother's Jason Burrill had the chance to spend time with his pet pooch in the house today.

Earlier this afternoon, Big Brother revealed the house's latest shopping challenge where housemates must win enough 'loyalty points' to pass.

However they'll be faced with all sorts of rewards and temptations in the process, testing their loyalty to the group.

Over the next three days at random points, groups of housemates will be called to The Other Garden and stand up in pods. Big Brother will then reveal what's on offer if they turn.

If they hit their buzzer to spin they'll spend points, but if they don't turn around they'll win points.

For one of the rounds, Andy, Jason, Emma and Charlie went to the pod where Big Brother tempted them to spend time with a puppy.

BB then revealed the puppy was Jason's dog Cleo, prompting the other housemates to encourage Jason to turn.

While he branding Big Brother "f**king w**kers", he insisted he wouldn't hit the buzzer.

"I'm sure, 100%," he said, "I'll get 5 minutes and that's it, she'll be fine... at least she's had a day out."

As temptation continued, Emma told Jason: "Go do it, go and see it, we don't care about the shopping."

But Jason stood firm and didn't turn, along with the rest of the housemates and so won loyalty points for the group.

After returning to the main house he said: "At least I know she's alright, that's the main thing."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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