Big Brother 2016: Shirt-gate continues as Charlie Doherty makes shock revelation

Big Brother 2016

Charlie Doherty makes a shock revelation to the Big Brother housemates about Jason Burrill tonight.

It's as last night's shirt-gate row continues.

If you missed it yesterday, Charlie was left upset when Jason offered a shirt to Evelyn Ellis to sleep in.

Although in reality Charlie's tears over it all were probably not just about the shirt, having rowed with Jason earlier in the show and then had him refuse to hug her.

In the episode tonight, it's the morning after and Emma explains to Evelyn that Charlie is feeling sensitive towards her wearing Jason’s new shirt.

Charlie is in the diary room and explains why the shirt annoyed her so much; “He got her a brand new shirt to wear!

"It was like he was trying to wind me up on purpose. I used to wear his shirts when we were together.”

Later on, in the bathroom, Jackson and Evelyn are taking showers at the same time

Meanwhile, Charlie reveals to Lateysha and Ryan, that she and Jason slept together just a couple of weeks before Big Brother.

She spills: “We didn’t know we were coming in here. We spent the night together!”

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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