Big Brother 2016: Surprises and special guests for the housemates in new task

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The Big Brother 2016 housemates are set to get some surprises in a brand new task.

For their latest shopping challenge, housemates must win enough 'loyalty points' to pass.

However they'll be faced with all sorts of rewards and temptations in the process, testing their loyalty to the group.

Over the next three days at random points, groups of housemates will be called to The Other Garden and stand up in pods. Big Brother will then reveal what's on offer if they turn.

If they hit their buzzer to spin, The Voice style, they'll spend points, but if they don't turn around they'll win themselves points.

There was speculation over just what the rewards could be, with Jackson telling the group he wouldn't hesitate to press his buzzer to see his son.

Jackson was then chosen for the first challenge alongside Sam, Chelsea and Alex.

But the four piece were left rather underwhelmed when Big Brother only tried to tempt them with a Full English breakfast fry up, all snubbing the offer.

Back in the house however, the housemates suggested that the temptations may increase over the next few days.

And they're right: Some special guests set to appear include Emma's boyfriend, Hughie's mum, Andy's boyfriend and Bernardo, a face from Laura's past...

We also know that the rewards will include time with a certain dog who may or may not have been kicked...

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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