Big Brother 2016: Lateysha Grace and Chelsea Singh flip out over pancakes

Big Brother 2016

Lateysha Grace and Chelsea Singh found themselves in a bizarre bust up over pancakes in the house yesterday.

The pair clashed over just how thin they should be, with Chelsea feeling the ones made by the house were too thick.

It prompted Lateysha to rant: "Who cares? They're just pancakes."

Chelsea reacted: "What's your problem? Are you trying to have an argument?"

"I'm just saying, you're b***hing about the pancakes being thick," Lateysha replied.

Chelsea responded: "I can have a conversation if I want. I'm not shouting at you, I'm having a conversation."

"Really? 'Cause your raising your voice at me," Lateysha told him.

The pair then got back on topic.

"Why would you care about the thickness or thinness of a pancake?" quizzed Lateysha.

"Why wouldn't I?" asked Chelsea. "What's it got to do with you?"

Lateysha replied: "I was just asking 'cause we were all eating them, they were lush."

"Don't ask," snapped Chelsea, "Eat it then."

Lateysha then accused Chelsea of arguing over pancakes but he claimed she was getting involved in his conversations.

Lateysha fumed: "I'll jump into what the f**k I want, don't tell me what to f**king do. What the f**k I want, I'll say"

Chelsea retorted: "And I'll say what the f**k I want."

Lateysha told Chelsea as he walked away: "Go on then gangster, you're pathetic, you're arguing over a pancake."

She then quipped: "Can't wait for pancake day."

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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