Big Brother 2016: Georgina angry over Jackson's son on her final day in the house

Big Brother 2016

Georgina Leigh Cantwell got angry at Jackson Blyton discussing his ex and their son in the Big Brother house yesterday.

Tonight's show on Channel 5 saw the lead up to last night's live eviction where we now know Georgina got the boot.

And it seems as though that her exit was probably a good thing for the house with tensions running high between Georgina and the other housemates after a conversation about births.

The chat, concerning eating of placenta, infuriated Georgina who felt it was wrong for Jackson to be discussing his ex and her pregnancy.

"Stop it, it's f**king vile," Georgina snapped, to the shock of the other housemates. "It's vile because he's always talking about her."

Georgina admitted that when it came to Jackson's son with his ex: "I'm not maternal at all, things like that petrify me.

"I don't want to talk about things that involve [Jackson's ex]."

As Jackson walked away, the other housemates told Georgina that his son was "his world".

But Georgina responded: "I just don't think it's going to work with him then."

Later, Georgina and Jackson tried to sort things out in the pod, rather unsuccessfully.

"I get that [your son] is going to be your number 1," Georgina said, before then adding: "I don't get it because I'm not maternal."

She commented: "It angers me that you've had those moments in your life, moments that I've yet to have, with someone else."

Ahead of the evening, an on edge Georgina lashed out at Jackson for 'stressing her out' by sleeping and demanded he get her suitcase.

"I can't have him sitting there like a sack of s**t," she remarked.

Clearly upset by Georgina's various comments throughout the day, Jackson concluded: "If she stays in or not, I ain't taking no more of that s**t."

UPDATE on Twitter, Georgina responded to tonight's show by tweeting: "Look, I have never ever once said a bad word about his son. If only editing didn't cut the last part of the conversation off!!!!! "

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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