Big Brother 2016: Charlie Doherty breaks down as she and ex Jason Burrill clash again

Big Brother 2016

There was more relationship drama between Jason Burrill and Charlie Doherty in tonight's Big Brother.

The latest episode on Channel 5 saw the lead up to and fallout of Friday night's eviction although all of that seemed to pass Jason and Charlie by.

The former couple instead were focused on their own drama after Charlie accused Jason of cheating on her while he claimed she had kicked his dog when they were together before the show.

Tonight's BB highlights saw tearful confrontations as Jason and Charlie tried to sort out their differences.

In one scene, Jason told Charlie: "You stepped over the line you talked about my personal life, you dissed me from the moment you stepped in here and lied about your feelings."

Charlie then declared: "When we come out of the house I don't want anything to do with him."

Later the two clashed in the bedroom with Charlie accusing Jason of sabotaging her.

"You don't bring up my private life. We're not together, just leave it alone, please," Jason told her.

"Sorry for trying to get you back," sobbed Charlie.

"Everything you've said and done in this place has been behind my back. You've lied, Charlie, please stop it," Jason continued.

Charlie stormed off to the bathroom: "F**king prick, you've ruined my time in here, I don't lie about anything, you're the liar."

However just moments after that, Charlie was seemingly trying it on again with Jason as she tried to give him a hug and kiss, which he did his best to ignore.

Jason's reaction (or lack thereof) resulted in Charlie in tears again in bed, crying herself to sleep.

Big Brother 2016 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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