Big Brother's latest task sees housemates partner up for weird challenges

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The Big Brother housemates have been taking on all sorts of weird challenges for their latest task today.

First Big Brother split the housemates into pairs:

Evelyn and Jackson
Jayne and Chelsea
Laura and Lateysha
Ryan and Charlie
Sam and Andy
Alex and Jason

Big Brother then explained that the members of each pair would complete different challenges in secret from one another.

One half of the pairs, Partner A, would have to complete their task as fast as possible while the other, Partner B, had to take or last as long as possible.

In order to pass the task, Partner A had to finish before Partner B either completed their challenge or gave up.

Weird and wacky challenges Big Brother set the pairs included stuffing pillowcases full of feathers, whisking cake mix, non-stop salsa dancing, speed reading and chocolate ├ęclair eating.

Highlights from the task will air on Sunday night's show on Channel 5.

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