Big Brother 2016: Charlie Doherty in tears over Evelyn Ellis and Jason Burrill

Big Brother 2016

Evelyn Ellis has found herself inadvertently causing more relationship drama on Big Brother 2016 this weekend.

After previously coming between Georgina Leigh Cantwell and Jackson Blyton, yesterday Evelyn ended up causing tears between Charlie Doherty and Jason Burrill.

It began when Evelyn asked Jason to borrow a shirt to wear to bed.

Jason offered one and Charlie wasn't happy about the attention he was seemingly showing Evelyn by the lending of a garment.

"You can't even give me a cuddle but you give her a new shirt," complained Charlie.

"If you want a shirt I'll give you a shirt," responded Jason, "I should not be giving you a cuddle."

Charlie later cried to Jayne in the bedroom, complaining that Jason didn't care and was horrible to her.

The next morning, Emma Jensen took Evelyn aside to inform her of the drama.

"I would change if I were you," Emma advised.

A fed up Evelyn sighed: "Bloody hell", before pointing out: "Laura was wearing his jumper, we were all wearing his clothes."

Emma replied: "She's [Charlie] obviously feeling a bit vulnerable and rejected, I just think it's best, because she's upset, to put something else on."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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