Big Brother 2016: Georgina Leigh Cantwell will wait for Jackson Blyton

Big Brother 2016

Evicted Big Brother housemate Georgina Leigh Cantwell says she'll be waiting for Jackson Blyton on the outside.

Georgina left BBUK tonight in an emotional exit having faced the public vote against Andy West, Jayne Connery and Evelyn Ellis.

Still upset when speaking to Emma Willis in her eviction interview, Georgina confessed: "I didn't see that coming, the two that got saved, we all thought it would be them. I've not been involved in any drama, not caused any weird controversial stuff.

"I haven't caused any fights like Natalie, Jayne and Andy caused. Andy caused so much drama in there."

On the topic of Jackson, Georgina said: "The first night he walked down the stairs and I thought he was a t***er.

"He kept asking me where I'm from, I didn't even talk to him, but he got in the bed with me and said 'You're beautiful'..."

On the culture clash between the pair, Georgina added: "It's not something that would stop me, I'll definitely see him, 100% I'll be here when he gets out."

On her rivalry with Evelyn Ellis, Georgina said: "It started with the ouija board task where they pushed me to two faced, it irritated me from then on. "

Georgina said she wasn't worried about Jackson being in the house with Evelyn but admitted she didn't trust her.

Georgina went on to suggest that Jackson would walk but added: "I want him to stay until the end so I'll be so angry if he does leave."

Georgina concluded: "It's a bubble in there, I don't even want to switch my phone on and go back to reality."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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